Born in Mexico City, lives and works in Ottawa, ON

Much of Trejo’s recent work borrows directly from news media, pairing disparate political events that reveal a borderless world where humans ubiquitously fi ght against poverty and violence. “Contemporary news media has created a new system of history-telling which has the potential to modify and select information – the story. As a Mexican, I fi nd it frustrating to see how the media have created a distorted idea about the people and land of Mexico: life is a beach or a war. It is not odd to hear people with really strong opinions about a place they have never been to. Much of this fear and anger comes from the media, and this interpretation of reality from abroad is not only found in the understanding of Mexico but of all Latin America, and many non-western countries. I will investigate this phenomena through the development of images derived from interviews with visitors, the news of the day and advertisements. I will explore how to transfer these images onto murals, a traditional Mexican media.”

Guillermo Trejo has exhibited widely in Mexico. He studied at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Etching in Mexico City and is currently completing his MFA at the University of Ottawa. Recently, he has had solo exhibitions at Canteen Art Gallery and Galerie SAW Gallery in Ottawa. He teaches drawing and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art.

Photo : Rémi Thériault.